Fionn Regan

Fionn Regan supported Damien Rice when he was in Melbourne recently. Mostly playing music, but probably coming home from the pub a few times too. I got Regan’s album, ‘The end of history’, for my birthday and it is really very, very good. Firstly, it passes the ultimate test for any album – you can listen to it start to finish without skipping a track. I consistently kick myself for buying a rubbish album after hearing one great track.

Regan has been described as Bob Dylan, with the strong guitar picking of Nick Drake. So, no expectations then. I understand where those sorts of reviews are coming from, but they don’t really capture what he is about. As far as I can tell his lyrics are occasionally poignant and more frequently batty, but the mood he sets is fantastic. It is mostly cello, guitars, a bit of piano, but Regan manages to intertwine beautiful melodies that meander along brilliantly. Go have a look at and have a listen somewhere.


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