People who can’t merge are morons

People who can’t merge are morons. I have seen multinational companies merge more quickly and smoothly than the drooling idiot who was in front of me on the way home last night. It’s no surprise that they normally come unstuck because they are SLOW. Just a quick refresher folks, if you’re not going at the speed of the rest of the traffic, you’re going to struggle to get on to the freeway. Probably best just to get back into your chair by the window and pop a blanket on your lap. Look at the pretty colours out the window. Morons.


2 thoughts on “People who can’t merge are morons

  1. Jez says:

    You should be wrapped with Steve Bracks’ new plane for the Burnley tunnel then… I read an article recently about how difficult it is to change lanes when driving a Bugatti Veyron, due primarily to the ridiculously small mirrors and rear windscreen. After trying various methods, the driver/journalist decided to go with finding a vacant bit of road about a kilometre ahead, putting his indicator on for a few seconds, then planting his foot on the assumption that nothing else could keep up. I’m glad that my neighbour Marge isn’t employing the same strategy in her Datsun Sunny.

  2. katm says:


    I had to come check out your blog just given the title.
    And I love the header.

    But this post takes the cake. It scares me the way some people drive.

    And to all those crazy driver out there… Is it so darn hard to use the turn signal when you’re going to cut me off when you merge into my lane going 75 MPH?

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