Underworld chicks are hot

Is it wrong for me to say that? For international visitors, Melbourne is the home of a long-running criminal underworld gang war. It is pretty quiet at the moment, but it seems the wrong people are ending up in court. The boys get shot, go missing, or get shot and go missing. It’s the girls who are winding up in front of the judge.

Tony Mokbel went to the shops for milk – in Lebanon – and now his sister-in-law, Renate Mokbel, is in jail after failing to pay a $1 million surety put up for his bail. Not bad for an old bird. Another of his sister-in-laws, Zaharoula Mokbel, is in strife for falsely obtaining loans.

My brother assures me Carl Williams’ new mystery woman – known only as ‘Renae’ – is a blonde glamour. With Carl doing time for making substantial inroads into the Moran clan (by killing both Jason and Lewis), now would be the time to take her out to dinner. Probably not in Lygon street though.

Zarah Garde-WilsonMore impressive is Zarah Garde-Wilson, the ex-lawyer who has represented, among others, Carl Williams, and also became romantically involved with another client, gangland figure Lewis Caine.

Okay, so she’s not that great, but she is certainly better than most of the ferals who are dragged through the Magistrate’s court on a daily basis. The papers certainly don’t miss a chance to plaster her plunging neckline all over the front pages.

On the other hand, given that she was in with a heavily tattooed convicted felon, she probably won’t be going wild for a guy with a blog whose idea of being tough is riding his pushbike with no hands.

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6 thoughts on “Underworld chicks are hot

  1. Hutz says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Chicks dig guys who can handle themselves on a pushy – hands or no hands. Although, I don’t know she’d be up for dinking – not sure how high she’d be able to get her knees in those pants – unless they’re lycra/spandex, like your shorts. Fill a Louis Vuitton drink bottle with French bubbly and she’ll be all yours. Then you just have the small problem of who current mobster suitor. At least your wheels don’t have a pesky ignition, ripe for bombing.

  2. Bella says:

    Well im dating an underworld figure myself but yer my life is full of fear every day and yes i know what she going though. Funny thing was i use to date her ex-husband Lewis Caine but being an underworld wife its scary

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