When blog posts write themselves

I had a couple of thoughts about what to write today, but I was going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit. I was going to give you an example, but I’ll probably use it tomorrow. Anyway, no problems, because the fine people at the Herald Sun wrote my post for me by providing the BIGGEST BOGAN NAME EVER: Dusty Raiyn, named because her parents live in a drought-affected area and it rained when she was born. I love that they managed to sneak the extra ‘y’ in there. That is solid gold. It reminds me of a true story about a Sri Lankan woman who gave birth on Boxing Day 2004. Called her kid ‘Tsunami’. Nice.

 “Mum, what does my name mean?”

“You were named after a disaster that claimed a quarter of a million lives, and left many hundreds of thousands of others homeless, hungry and despairing sweety.”


……..can I change my name to Dusty Raiyn?”

Unsurprisingly, bogan names have been blogged about before, most notably by the very funny Comicstrip hero. Read and laugh. 

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2 thoughts on “When blog posts write themselves

  1. romanyroamer says:

    I’m DustyRaiyn’s mother, she is now a healthy and happy 2 year old. She was named DustyRaiyn becouse we had suffered from drought for so long and had been praying for rain for so long. It was amazing that it rained when she was born but that is not why she was so named. We live in a rural community and the effects of the drought have been horrific not just financially but emotionaly. Her name does get abreviated to Dusty sometimes. We have been constantly surprised at how many people have recognised her by her name and understand what her name means and why she was named DustyRaiyne……..Amelia

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