Even more for Spiderman’s suit to hide

I wrote a couple of days back about Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman outfit. It’s the hardest-working lycra in Hollywood, courtesy of Maguire’s fondness for buffets.

Well, it turns out there are some other bulges that ‘ole Spidey might have to contend with.

This article explains:

“Scientists are examining the venom of a Brazilian spider as a possible treatment for impotent men.

Investigations began in Brazil after reports that men who were bitten by the highly venomous brazilian wandering spider experienced priapism, or prolonged erections.”

Peter Parker has all the luck.

While on spiders, a story in The Age today confirmed an urban myth that has been around since I was a kid. The myth was that spiders / bugs of some description would get into an ear / throat / cut / dreadlock where they would breed before bursting out in gruesome fashion. It was just believable enough to be true. Which it was. Read it and squirm.

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One thought on “Even more for Spiderman’s suit to hide

  1. Hutz says:

    What a useful comparison The Age came up with in their article, in reference to the size of the spiders: “Both were about the size of a pencil eraser”.
    I personally own a pencil eraser, that sits atop my Pacer, scarcely bigger than a ball of snot. I also have a pencil eraser in the shape of Darth Vader which would make a decent sized truncheon, should the need arise. I dare say there’s a whole host of sizes in between.
    PS: I once has a similar experience with an ant, which danced on my eardrum for a few hours before I really freaked out and had to rush myself off to the doctor. It was also fluhed out alive… although not for long. My days of buddhism came to a satisfying end then and there.

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