Some blogs I like

I have discovered that linking to other blogs is dirty, grimy business in the blogging world. When I put a link to someone else’s blog on my blog, the subtext is “You should do the same for me and help make my blog more popular.”

I confess that part of me is tempted by the glitz and glamour of trying to climb the blog rankings. But the other part of me says “Screw it”. I’m not going to be a link slut. Hopefully if people like the blog, they’ll link to it.

I don’t read a lot of blogs. The truth is, it’s far more fun having your own blog read than it is reading other people’s blogs. But there are exceptions.

So here are some blogs that I like. That means they are (generally) current, and I read them more regularly than other blogs. I’ll probably add to the list and review another blog occasionally, but don’t expect it to be a regular occurrence. Having said that, if you’ve got a recommendation, let me know.

The Sneeze: this is one of my favourites. Well-written, random, and funny.

After Grog Blog: mostly Australian sport. It’s like one long pub conversation (that’s a good thing).

Karen Cheng: Karen Cheng is the queen of Australian blogging. She’s been around for ages, her blog looks great, and she just seems to be really, really nice.

Aussie in the Orient: The name explains it really. She makes me want to live overseas.

Chase me ladies, I’m in the cavalry: I don’t understand this blog. It is off-the-wall random, but funny.

Gavin Dixon: This blog is now dead, but the old posts are very funny and well-written. I get the impression Kitta is pretty famous in the blog world too. I like her blog for the same reason I like a lot of the others – she writes about mundane, random stuff in a very funny way.

Larvatus Prodeo: Leftish take on politics. A bit hit-and-miss, but often a really good take on what would otherwise be pretty dry material.

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One thought on “Some blogs I like

  1. gav says:

    I never much resorted to link-whoring, but I found posting naked pictures of big-brother housemates, and the odd underage pop-princess more of a draw-card for the punters.

    If all else fails, drunken, ill-informed, rants will keep ’em coming back.

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