Latest sport defection rocks Hollywood

You may have noticed that in recent weeks I have been tinkering around the edges of what makes a particular blog entry go gangbusters. I am shocked and dismayed that it is not quality writing that sends stuff off the charts. For example, after writing about The Mad Shaved-headed Mimer* last week, views of the blog went crazy.

So tonight I thought I would try including the Top 12 searches on Yahoo today into one blog post, just to see what happens. But of course I also need to keep the punters happy, so instead of just listing them I thought I would put them all in an article. Here goes…

Latest sport defection rocks Hollywood 

Jessica Alba and Beyonce Knowles today announced they would leave behind their high-profile musical and acting careers to take up new positions as NASCAR drivers.

The announcement was made at the Live Earth concerts, but after discovering that no-one was watching, a press conference was hastily convened.

The latest high profile defection from Hollywood acting circles follows Megan Fox’s shock announcement that she would join World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

“With cheesy, stilted dialogue and bad acting, my experience in ‘Transformers‘ made me a natural choice for WWE,” said Fox.

“I briefly considered defecting to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but Wimbledon is just too far away.”

There are few examples of actors successfully crossing over to the sporting field. Perhaps the best known example is ‘Harry Potter‘ star Daniel Radcliffe, who is currently starring for Colombia in the Copa America, South America’s football championship.

A crazy crack habit, gambling debts and a dodgy visa allowed Colombia to secure the services of ‘Danielo Radcliffio’, as he is affectionately known in Bogota.

The actor is also a talented left winger that Colombian coach El Smacko (The Smackhead) described as ‘a real limewire‘, before journalists pointed out that his english was shit, and anyway, couldn’t he come up with a less cliched phrase than livewire?

Alba and Knowles have their first race in August. They are also hot.


Ooh, a bonus activity today – did you spot the Top 10 most popular Yahoo search terms? It’s like Where’s Wally, but with words.**

Megan Fox
Harry Potter
Copa America

Live Earth
Beyonce Knowles
Jessica Alba


*I can’t say The Mad Shaved-headed Mimer’s name – I don’t want to sully my blog stats you know…
**That is possibly the saddest thing I have ever written.

ps. Please welcome Ms Batville to the blogroll.

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One thought on “Latest sport defection rocks Hollywood

  1. Ms Batville says:

    Why thank you Mr Biz.

    Personally I found the title “The opposite sex can be strange at times” with a somewhat pathetic post about my love life along with a photo of a man licking a turtle got me lots of hits. Type “sex + strange” into Google Images and I’m number three. Sadly I think most who visit in this way are in for a very disappointing time.

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