Man dumped for telling ‘dad’ jokes

Melbourne man James Hope is devasted after his girlfriend dumped him on Tuesday, claiming his dad jokes “really weren’t funny”.

“She had told me heaps of times before that my jokes sucked, but I thought she secretly found them endearing,” said Hope.

“Turns out she wasn’t being funny – she really does hate my corny jokes.”

Hope’s girlfriend, Lisa Jennings, said initially the jokes had been bearable, but they quickly took their toll.

“Seriously, every time we drove past a cemetery it would be ‘We’re in the DEAD centre of town’ and ‘People are DYING to get in there’. That is not a figurative dad joke – my dad actually told me that when I was a little girl,” said Jennings.

“It got to the point where I couldn’t get a straight answer out of James. I’d ask how long dinner was going to be and he’d say ‘About ten centimetres’. There’s only so much of that you can take.”

“The final straw was when I said I was hungry and he said ‘Hi Hungry, I’m James’. I nearly stabbed him in the eye,” said Jennings.

Hope stood by his sense of humour, claiming it had always been well received.

“Sometimes I tell jokes and girls just leave the room. They’re just laughing too much.”

However Hope said he remained optimistic about dating in the future: “After all, I am a hopeful guy – get it? HOPE-ful! That’s gold!”

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