Transformers Knocked Up

I have recently seen two movies, and in my eagerness to remember to review them on the blog, I jotted their names down in my Moleskine.*

When I came to read my notes I saw “Review Transformers Knocked Up”. “Ooh,” I thought, channelling Frank Spencer and then hating myself, “imagine if that were a movie.”

So here you go, my review of the upcoming movie, Transformers Knocked Up, a hilarious action-packed intergalactic romantic comedy.

Transformers Knocked Up is the fantastic new Michael Bay action romance comedy. The story revolves around Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, two robots from an ancient planet who arrive on earth to defend the human race. After a night of drunken debauchery, the two robots sleep together, unwittingly setting off a series of hilarious events as the two awkwardly negotiate their new responsibilities as robots preparing for parenthood.

Highlights include Optimus Prime accompanying Bumblebee to the ‘gynacologist’ (a mechanic!), Optimus Prime and Bumblebee shopping for ‘baby clothes’ in the auto aisle at Kmart, and Bumblebee giving birth through his boot.

“The acting was anything but robotic” – Margaret and David.

“Who knew an accidental robot pregnancy could be so funny?” – Leigh Paatsch

Transformers Knocked Up opens in cinemas nationally next Thursday.

*Moleskine – a small, beautifully crafted notebook. Not to be confused with moleskins, tight denim jeans worn by rich people from the country, or moccasins, slippers worn by bogans. Incidentally, writing on moccasins is also possible if you can get the bogan wearing them to sit still long enough.

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