Rudd’s new advisers: Clinton and Obama

Kevin Rudd has launched his new campaign website Kevin07. No doubt some branding consultant got paid a small fortune to floor everyone with that stunning little piece of alliteration.

I thought it would be worth having a quick look at some of the inspiration for Kevin07, and it didn’t take me long to find it. Have a stickybeak at and – look familiar?

Love what you’ve done with the new site Kevin. I especially like the way you make your name and the year rhyme. Great colour scheme too. Where did you get the inspiration?
Kevin07 banner
Obama08 banner
Hey, so a new housing policy, that’s great. But I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before…
Kevin housing
Cool, did they throw that policy in for free when you took their website template and ideas?
Hillary housing policy

Unfortunately the other big screw-up for Rudd was the Google search results for “Kevin07”. Not many media outlets actually linked to the site, and 24 hours after the launch, Kevin07 still hadn’t made it on to the first three pages of Google search results. Eventually that will right itself, but come on guys, splash out and pay for adwords. Seriously.

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3 thoughts on “Rudd’s new advisers: Clinton and Obama

  1. Tedium says:

    Kevin07 is not an alliteration. It rhymes, but each word starts with a different letter so it is not an alliteration.

  2. Blah Blah says:

    It’s not alliteration for the reasons provided by Tedium.

    It isn’t onomatopoeia, either.

    It’s simply a rhyme.

    Kevin07. Put that in your subwoofer. Doof doof.

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