The Bourne Review

Having watched the final installment of the Jason Bourne trilogy on Saturday night, I’m happy to annoint the collected films three of my favourites. They are all well-paced films with great car chases and cracking fight sequences. The same as any other action movie, if you pick around the edges too much I’m sure the storyline begins to fray, but you don’t really have time in these films.

Here is why the Jason Bourne movies work: you care what happens to the guy, he is busting his arse to get out of trouble. His fate isn’t assured, so you really invest in him. This obviously contrasts with the wise-crackin’ John McClane, who you know is going to chuckle his way to eventual success with only a few minor hiccups.

But in a cage match Bourne would kick McClane’s arse, because he wouldn’t be hanging around giving long speeches or making jokes, he’d just be all ‘BAM!’ and then McClane would be sitting on his backside wiping blood from the corner of his mouth and cracking his neck while Bourne was limping off through the snow feeling all conflicted about what he had just done.

Doesn’t matter: Bourne 1, McClane 0

Also, have you noticed how you can put just about ANY word, including most boring meeting terms, after ‘The Bourne…’ and it sounds like a movie? Try it…

The Bourne Memorandum

The Bourne Contract

The Bourne Review

The Bourne Ascendancy

The Bourne Committee

The Bourne Tender

The Bourne Collusion

The Bourne Performance Review

The Bourne Consultancy

The Bourne Executive

The Bourne Strategy

The Bourne Matrix

The Bourne Engagement

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