The Great Victorian Bike Ride

If you can imagine pouring a cup of gravel into your undies and running a marathon, you are starting to get a sense of the state of my groins after riding 551 kilometres over seven days during the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

And I should emphasise that it is indeed a great ride. There was spectacular coastline, beautiful sunsets and amazing national parks. The weather was perfect for riding. I didn’t get any flat tires. The whole thing was great.

I’m a reasonably fit guy. I’m no athlete but I can manage myself. But deadset, I was rooted by the time the ride had finished. Here is your average day:

5.30am – Wake up, pack up tent etc, eat breakfast
7.00am – On the bike
10.30am – Lunch. Seriously. By 10.30 we were starving from all the energy we were burning.
1.00pm – Arrive at next campsite. Set up tent. Collapse.

It was gruelling. I did the ride with my old man, who in my opinion was lucky not to be kicked off the ride for using performance-enhancing drugs. ‘Twas no man though, but a remorseless pedalling machine. One more day of riding and I reckon he would have burnt me.

Now I know what I’m describing is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have to admit I didn’t come back from holidays all that relaxed. But I did come back very, very satisfied, and for that reason I recommend the ride to everyone. Day-to-day, how often do you really step outside of your comfort zone? It’s probably not often. Doing the ride gives you that sense of accomplishment, but with a stunning backdrop.

p.s. Boo to for cluttering their great, simple product with so much advertising. Boo, I say.

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