Getting married

By far the biggest – and best – event of 2007 for me was getting engaged to the Excellent Missus. She doesn’t know it yet, but I only did it so I’d have more stuff to blog about.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’m also quite keen on her, so that had a bit to do with it too. Guys, if you are thinking about getting married, these will be the questions you will DEFINITELY get asked:

How did you propose? (and, in screeching voice: Tell me EVERYTHING! I want details!)

  • Was it romantic?
  • Did you have a ring?
  • Did you get down on one knee?
  • Did you ask her father?
  • Have you set a date?

The answer to these questions was: I asked her if she would marry me and she said yes (no, you can’t have details), yes it was romantic, no, no, no, and yes.

I’m carrying on like Steve Martin in ‘Father of the bride’, even though I am the groom. I gotta get me a piece of the wedding cake. When people who are in the wedding industry get married, they wear dresses made of money and carry flowers made of money and they eat food made of money and they have a big money wedding cake because they can afford it because they are so STINKING RICH from how much they charge for wedding services.

Getting Married

Artist’s impression of our wedding (not to scale). 

It’s not all bad for the guys though. I bought a very sharp suit on the weekend, and at least I get to wear it more than once. The girls get absolutely flogged for dresses designed by women who are probably old and lonely.

Which leaves me with a final question for you as I sign off. The engagement ring I gave the Excellent Missus pretty much doubled as a Christmas present. At least one person has accused me of being a tight-arse. I said (in my mind) that it wasn’t my fault Santa didn’t come to her. And I did buy her “The Three Amigos” on DVD so she would have something to open on Christmas day. What do you think – am I in the clear, or should I have provided a Christmas present of more substance? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Getting married

  1. lululeelee says:

    Honestly? I am not so sure I agree. Combined gifts really stink! Trust me my wedding fell right around the holidays and I swear I am always ripped LOL
    They do say never give an engagement ring as a holiday gift, because if it does not work then you can not get it back. It is legally a gift and not a promise. I guess as long as things work out you are all set.
    Seriously though, getting married was the best thing I ever did!
    I can also answer all your questions:
    Was it romantic? YES
    Did HE have a ring? YES
    Did HE get down on one knee? YES
    Did HE ask her father? YES
    Have HE set a date? THE DEED IS DONE!

  2. EM says:

    I think you should buy her more diamonds as a belated Christmas present. In fact 9 out of 10 people (in the whole world*) agree that an engagement ring should be followed soon after by matching earrings.

    * based on a survey of 1 person

  3. hutz says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and still working on it.

    In response to the combined present thing… Tell her the ring was for the engagement… and the box was for Christmas?

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