Narre Warren party boy receives job offer from Al Qaeda

Following hot on the heels of media, DJs and event organisers, Al Qaeda has made a bold attempt to recruit 16-year-old Narre Warren party boy Corey Delaney.Delaney made worldwide headlines this week after more than 500 people rioted at a house party he organised by posting an invitation on Myspace.

Al Qaeda said that Delaney would be a “perfect cultural fit” for the terrorist group.

“We think that Corey’s ability to quickly recruit large numbers of people to a cause is second-to-none,” said Al Qaeda spokesperson Mohammed El-Akram.

“We really need people who can cause a large amount of destruction, generate headlines and then avoid capture,” said El-Akram.

“Unfortunately our last Australian recruit, David Hicks, only managed the headlines.”

El-Akram also applauded Delaney’s lack of contrition.

“If he can bring the same extremism to global terrorism that he did to suburban house parties, Al Qaeda will be in great shape,” he said.

Meanwhile, fugitive leader Osama Bin Laden is said to have donned large yellow sunglasses and a hoodie in his ongoing efforts to avoid revealing his identity or location. However Bin Laden ruled out changing his name to Corey, saying it was a “girl’s name that would get me bitch-slapped.”

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3 thoughts on “Narre Warren party boy receives job offer from Al Qaeda

  1. cak says:

    Ahhh ha ha, this is hilarious….if I had my brain removed, which I dont. Is this supposed to be an attack on a kid who had a party? Or what? This is stupid pile of drivel. Look mate, I don’t mind if you keep writing, but I object to you actually publishing this crap on the internet. I won’t put my used toilet paper online, neither should you publish any more of this crap.

  2. Ian says:

    For Cak there’s an easy way to avoid crap on the internet – keep off the net. Crap and the internet are synonymous aren’t they?

    And used toilet paper … hmmm, there’s probably a market niche there (there is certainly plenty of interest in crap, poo, shit and the like judging by some of the search terms that people come to my blog via).

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