Shock: man discovers crap on internet

I love it when people leave comments on my blog posts. To quote the Optus hold message (which I’m quite familiar with), “we value your feedback.”

I particularly liked the following effort from ‘Cak’, in response to my post Narre Warren party boy receives job offer from Al Qaeda:

Ahhh ha ha, this is hilarious….if I had my brain removed, which I dont. Is this supposed to be an attack on a kid who had a party? Or what? This is stupid pile of drivel. Look mate, I don’t mind if you keep writing, but I object to you actually publishing this crap on the internet. I won’t put my used toilet paper online, neither should you publish any more of this crap.

I like to think this was actually one of Corey’s mates defending him, or better yet Corey googling himself, wringing every last nanosecond from his 15 minutes of fame before he joins the queue at Centrelink. If this is the case my first response is YOU’RE a stupid pile of drivel.

But first things first, let’s answer Cak’s question: is this supposed to be an attack on a kid who had a party? Umm, yep, pretty much. I don’t want any ambiguity about that.

And I do have to keep putting it on the internet – otherwise how do I get to meet charming people like you?

But the thing that really makes me laugh is Cak’s objection to me putting crap on the internet. Deadset mate, the interwebs would collapse if we took all the crap down. Then what would you do when you wanted to watch videos of a cat drinking from a toilet (134 results on youtube)? If you don’t want to read crap on the net, perhaps I could point you to an Amish community somewhere, except they don’t have a website do they?

If you want to get stuck into people for putting crap on the internet, I’d start with your mate who decided to put a party invite on Myspace.

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