Top 5 coolest world leaders names

Former Indonesian President Soeharto passed away this week. If you want his obituary in two words, here it is: ordinary bloke. Anyway his successor has a much cooler name:

1) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – Indonesia

Even his nickname – S.B.Y. – is cool.

Here are a few other world leaders (past and present) who have got awesome names:

2) Frank Bainimarama – Fiji

I like this guy because his name ends in ‘rama’, and everyone knows that when you add ‘rama’ to anything, it becomes cool. (ie discorama, Sign-o-rama, Rollerama).

Also, his name reminds me of Bananarama, the sassy 1980s all-girl band.

3) Omar Bongo – Gabon

I wouldn’t know this bloke if he stood up in my cornflakes, but he is in the top 5 just for having a totally ridiculous surname.

4) Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – Iran

Okay, Ali Khamenei is pretty forgettable, but who wouldn’t like to be called ‘Supreme Leader’? Imagine it…

Minion: What would you like for breakfast today?

Me (Supreme Leader): Excuse me? What did you say?

Minion (stammering): I…I…I’m sorry, what would you like for breakfast today Supreme Leader.

Me (Supreme Leader): That’s better.

5) Moses Blah – Liberia (formerly)

I like to think that Blah’s surname also summarises his approach to leading a nation…

“If elected, I will work hard to restore your faith in accountable government and blah, blah, blah…”

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