Outcry over pregnant underage elephant

A bizarre story on the ABC website today about a pregnant elephant.

Pregnant underage elephant

Awkward conversation with the parents.

Dad elephant: Great, this is just great. You’re grounded!

Pregnant girl elephant (sarcastically): Oh, that’s great dad, really smart. We’re in a cage stupid.

Dad elephant: I’M stupid? I’m not the one who got pregnant!

Boyfriend elephant: Hey, you can’t speak to her like that!

Dad elephant: I’ll say what I like thanks. This is MY cage house.

Pregnant girl elephant: Dad, I’m old enough to make my own decisions.

Dad elephant: While you’re living in my cage, you live by my rules.

Mum elephant: How did this even happen?

Pregnant girl elephant: I thought it was his trunk…

Mum elephant: What will the penguins next door say?

Pregnant girl elephant: Mum and Dad, I love Rick. We’re getting married.

Dad elephant: Oh, that’s just great, his name is Rick. That kid is destined for ugliness.

…etc, etc… it could make for a quirky comedy about teen pregnancy…


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One thought on “Outcry over pregnant underage elephant

  1. Andy says:

    I wonder how the awkward conversation would go if Rick was an African elephant! (I’m thinking the movie “Guess Who?” in reverse, where Bernie Mac hates his daughter’s white fiance Ashton Kutcher)

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