Excel corrupted on my laptop, so I called the helpdesk at work. A week later they called back. They wanted to make a time to fix the problem.

“How long will it take?” I said. “I’ve got a lot of work.”

“Not even 20 minutes,” said IT guy.

“How about 12.30? I can grab some lunch,” I said.

“Sounds good,” said IT guy.

At 1pm I went to collect my laptop. What do you reckon IT guy was doing? If you guessed FIXING MY LAPTOP you would be wrong. He had LEFT TO GO AND HAVE LUNCH. Of course, because he has lunch at 1pm EVERY DAY.

What possible thought process led to the conclusion that this was a good course of action? It felt like meeting someone from another planet (which for the sake of this blog post we shall call “Moron”), where their life experiences are so different we have no common point of reference.

None of the other IT guys knew where he had stashed my laptop. So I waited, computer-less, for another hour until he sauntered back to his desk.

“Is my computer fixed?” I asked.

“Nope,” said IT guy.

“Can I have it back anyway?” I said, not waiting around for an answer.

Why did it feel like a victory when I got my laptop back without anything else going wrong? And why is it that the guys in charge of the latest technology seem to be the most inflexible, backwards, soporofic individuals in any organisation?

Ah, who cares, I’m just whinging. What do I know anyway…

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