Shit, I just bought a house

Well it’s a unit actually, but you get the point. It was pretty much an accident – we put in an offer that we didn’t think would make the grade, and it did. We paid a bloody fortune, and I have only the vaguest sense of the debt I’m in. To paraphrase Stewie Griffin, I’m now ANZ’s bitch.

It’s all a bit surreal. This is one of the side effects of online banking – all the figures that are bandied around are only ever numbers on a screen. I reckon if I had to count out the money (even the deposit) I would be freaking out. (That, or I would be waving big wads of 50 dollar notes in a really seductive way, like those chicks who used to stand at the end of the “Dash for Cash” on Channel Nine’s Wide World of Sport – but I digress).

We’re not quite there yet though. We’re getting a building inspection tomorrow and if that is no good, the deal is off. I learned my lessons well when I watched Tom Hanks in The Money Pit.

I loved the tagline on the ad for the place: When Position Counts. That’s real estate talk for ‘great location, but the place is a tip’. The location is good though, especially when we come to rent it out a few years from now. It’s close (but not too close!) to the Monash Freeway, Dandenong Road, Oakleigh train station and Oakleigh market, Chadstone (where we can no longer afford to shop) and Monash University campuses. Excellent!

The house itself isn’t too bad, but it will need some love. I know where I’ll be spending my weekends for the next few years…

Anyway, here are some pictures. The first task will be a decent paint job.

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