Gettin’ hitched

Well, the poor old blog is limping along at the moment, which shouldn’t really be a surprise given that I’ve had impending nuptials looming. Next Sunday is the big day. I reckon we’re in pretty good shape. I pretty much just have to have a shave and I’m done. I’m feeling good. Composed, relaxed and very excited about it all. I’m on honeymoon next week – AWESOME! – I can’t wait to just chill out and take it easy. It’s a little island holiday in a sea of work. (That was a metaphor – we’re not actually going to an island, we’re going to Bright). So I wont be around next week, but something resembling normal programming will resume the week after that, with me as a married man!

Hopefully I won’t end up like the (hilarious) ‘You Suck at Photoshop’ guy…


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