Bush and Palin go on a date

What’s going on with the world? All of a sudden a bloke who can’t say the word ‘nuclear‘ sounds like the voice of reason in the United States. I’m finding myself saying, “That Sarah Palin sure is wacky. Lucky good ‘ole George is there to steady the ship. Yep, George Bush – he knows what he’s doing.”

I’m betting there might have been one or two blog posts on Sarah Palin and Matt Damon in recent times, but I’m gonna add to the list. Matt Damon has copped a bit of stick (most notably in Team America), but he effectively summed up in 1 minute 47 seconds all of my reservations about her. And good on him for pointing out the emperor doesn’t have any clothes on – just a pair of aggressive looking glasses and a beehive hairdo. And the fact that I have a mild man-crush on Jason Bourne has nothing to do with my support.

Imagine if in an alternative universe, teenage George Bush (TGB) met teenage Sarah Palin (TSP) and they went on a date:

Scene: the local diner. Two young high school students share a malt milkshake.

(TGB): So what do you like doing?
(TSP): Well, I kinda like oil…
(TGB): You like oil? No way! I like oil!
(TSP): I don’t like dinosaurs and chimps though.
(TGB): Me neither. Everyone knows the world began in 1898.
(TSP – sips milkshake): Yeah.
(TSP): I like shooting stuff!
(TGB): Me too! Although my friend Dick Cheney likes shooting stuff more. Do you like books?
(TSP): I like Guns & Ammo magazine, is that a book?
(TGB): I think it is. Wow, we have so much in common.
(TSP): Do you know about Russia?
(TGB): What’s a Russia?
(TSP): I think it’s someone who’s always in a hurry. But I’m not sure.
(TGB): Wanna go and burn fossil fuels?
(TSP): Yeah!

(TSP): What’s a fossil?

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