JJ Abrams, Fringe, and Lost. All average.

JJ Abrams is the ‘creative genius’ (not my words. But I’m sure someone has said it at some stage) behind Lost and the new series that Channel Nine is pinning its hopes to (hah!) Fringe.

How can I describe Fringe? Ah, yes – shit, that’s the word I’m looking for. Or is it derivative? Cliched? Boring? Whatever, it seems to me that this bloke JJ Abrams has been getting far too much credit for some fairly average television. And calling yourself JJ is only one step away from referring to yourself as McG.

I may have taken a swipe at Lost on this blog sometime previously. To briefly recap: time to cough up some answers.

But in the interests of fairness, I’ve watched the first two episodes of Fringe. Put Lost and The X-Files in a blender, promote like hell, and hey presto, you’ve got average TV.

  • Discordant violins slowly creeping up to let us know we are supposed to be blown away by yet another twist? Check.
  • Creepy, manipulative bad guy? Check.
  • Massive conspiracy? Check.
  • Plot holes you could drive a truck through? Check.
  • Horrible hammy acting? (I’m looking at you Pacey and crazy doctor dad). Check.

The trouble with these shows is that viewers are treated badly. We deserve answers, and some resolution from time to time. And at least aim for some internal logic. All of these shows would be great if they could just limit themselves to one season. Imagine that – a series with a beginning, middle and end. Instead they just tease for years on end, season after season until everyone watching is pissed off and tuning into something else.

Absolutely 0/5 stars for JJ Abrams, Fringe and Lost. All average.

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4 thoughts on “JJ Abrams, Fringe, and Lost. All average.

  1. Nick says:

    I must concur. Reaquainting myself with this blog while the president of the JJ Abrams fan club sits glued to the screen.

  2. Lex says:

    Hah – I haven’t yet had the pleasure of catching Fringe (Were about 5 years behind here) however I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest you watch for the over-acting extras. It’s a JJ special and I’m sure there is a drinking game in there to keep you from falling asleep!

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