Muslim women are female ninjas

If you reckon US politicians are barmy, you should have a look at those whacky Austrians. A story in The Australian late last week told of the emergence of the far right in the recent Austrian elections. Of particular interest to me was this quote from Heinz-Christian Strache, who is accused of xenophobia and waging an anti-Muslim campaign:

‘Speaking at his final election rally in Vienna’s working-class district of Favoriten on Friday, he said that people were scared to see women in burkas running around “like female Ninjas”.’

Everyone knows that elections are as much about memorable grabs as anything. Apparently Heinz knows too.

Anyway, after I stopped laughing I knew I would have to lay the boot into Heinz for being a racialist. You just can’t say that sort of thing.

Then I did an image search. The man actually makes a good point:

One of these photos shows female ninjas. Can you tell which?


However, I was less impressed by the ninja below:
A ninja goes to work. She doesn't like it when the train is late.

A ninja goes to work. She doesn't like it when the train is late.


Still, I guess ninjas have to get to work somehow, don’t they? I also like the way she has taken the ninja outfit and really tried to add some colour and life to it. The modern ninja about town has to do everything in her power to get a date.

I wonder if there is a market for a television show like ‘Ninja Sex and the City’?

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