Susan Boyle to cover ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse

Susan Boyle has revealed that her first post-Britain’s Got Talent project will be a cover of ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse.

“That song just speaks to me, and it speaks of my experiences in rehabilitation,” said Boyle.

Boyle was taken to the Priory Clinic, a leading mental health clinic in North London, after staff at her hotel became concerned about her wellbeing.

“Something wasn’t right,” said the hotel manager. “At first we thought it was her eyebrows, but apparently they’ve always been like that. It turns out she had just been behaving erratically.”

At one stage it was believed the troubled star would join Winehouse in her latest detox effort on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, a claim that Boyle said she was still considering.

“I did consider the prospect of staying in a remote backwater where no-one worked and everyone drank all day. But then I thought ‘Scotland will always be there – maybe I should go to St Lucia.'”

But music industry sources claimed the joint rehab stint was unlikely to happen.

“Her foul language, trashing hotel rooms and petulant temperament just wouldn’t be a good influence,” the source said. “Amy really needs to surround herself with the right people at the moment.”

Meanwhile Amy Winehouse has leant her support to the besieged singing sensation.

“I understand Susan is exhausted and emotionally drained at the moment,” said Winehouse. “I can really relate to that – I am often exhausted and emotionally drained. In fact just last weekend I injected a lot of smack and drank a bottle of scotch and I was very emotionally drained after that.”

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