Gangland Cluedo

Media Release – 16 June 2009

Hasbro is proud to announce the launch of its latest board game: Gangland Cluedo.

This modern twist on a classic board game retains all the fun of the original – eccentric characters, diverse murder weapons and a range of locations for the murder.

“Players can choose to play as notorious underworld crime figures such as Mick Gatto, Alphonse Gangitano, Lewis Moran, or even crime matriach Judy Moran,” said head of game development Simon Waugh.

“Anyone could be the killer – that’s the fun!” he said.

“For example, when I tested the game at home I committed murder at an Auskick clinic with a sawn-off shotgun. There are carparks, nightclubs, restaurants…literally hundreds of possibilities.”

Waugh said that with so many variations, the family would get hours of fun from the game.

“My wife killed a Moran – I can’t remember which one – at a delicatessen! It’s crazy I know, but that’s the kind of random surprise Gangland Cluedo throws up.”

Gangland Cluedo is the first in a series of revamped games Hasbro is planning to release. In coming months they will also release Somali Pirate Battleship, 20/20 Test match cricket, and Google Search Monopoly.

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4 thoughts on “Gangland Cluedo

  1. Maple says:

    What about Palestinian “Trouble”, “Operation” with Dr Jayant Patel, Extremist Connect C4 or Michael Jackson’s “pin the tail on the…..”

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