iPhone app takes the hard work out of getting frustrated

According to The Age, “Sydney has been upstaged by Melbourne, with the official bus, tram and train operator, Metlink, releasing its own iPhone trip planner app for free earlier this month.

“Users can obtain the most up to date timetables as they are generated, view live tram information including real-time departures and arrivals for all tram stops and view live scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions for the entire public transport network.”

What a great leap forward this is! My journey to work will become a veritable carpet ride! Traffic will part like the red sea, as my ever-punctual bus is gently shunted forward by a choir of angels.

In case you don’t have an iPhone app to tell you, I am being very sarcastic.

Do you know what this news really means? Now I can be frustrated at late or non-existent bus services in a very informed, knowledgeable way, instead of just raging blindly.

Instead of standing at the bus stop quietly fuming “Where’s my bloody bus?”, I can now quietly fume “Damn that 7.37am route 889 bus that has broken down at the corner of Ferntree Gully road and Springvale road.”

Will this wonderful app now explain to me why I just watched two buses travelling the exact same route depart the bus stop at the same time? And why I now have 25 minutes to catch my breath, having run to catch said bus (or buses)?

Apparently New South Wales are looking to implement a similar system, “making no secret of the fact that it is taking the lead from Melbourne.”

Here’s some free advice Sydney: never, EVER, take the lead from Melbourne on anything to do with public transport. EVER!

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2 thoughts on “iPhone app takes the hard work out of getting frustrated

  1. Era says:

    Soon there’ll be an iPhone App to help us find that pen I misplaced in the bottom of my purse. Where did that thing disappear to?

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